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Thanks are due to Tom Graham, our fishing convenor for another well organised season..  
14th October - Lake of Menteith
The last outing of our season proved productive, with all but 1 of the 8 anglers returning limit catches. 26 fish were weighed in for 56lbs 4oz. George Leishman was top rod - 4 fish for 10lbs 14oz. Weather was windy to start but calm by 4pm with a mixture of sun and showers. Ghost tip and di3 lines worked best with a cast of 3 boobies and very slow retrieve being most successful. Cages bay, hotel bay and lochend all fished well. A good day was had by all.
23rd September - Frandy
Weather was windy from west at start. There was some rain but sunny in afternoon. The 8 anglers had a good day, weighing in 24 fish for 59lbs 4oz. George Learmonth was top rod with 5 fish for 13lbs. All caught fish, some reaching the limit quickly and going to catch and release. Ghost tip and boobies worked best and and all parts of the loch yielded fish - the drift from lodge to opposite bank probably best.
9th September - Linlithgow Loch
Light winds to flat calm, sunny conditions. Water clarity was very poor with algae blooms which probably accounted for the poor returns, with only 8 fish (22lb 4oz) being landed among the 8 anglers. David Halcrow accounted for 4 of these and was top rod (10lb 2oz). Best area was in front of the palace fishing ghost tip and boobies.
19th August - Glen Sherup
A windy day at Glen Sherup, cool,mostly cloudy with afternoon sun. Rain threatened but never set in fully. George Leishman, Willie Gibson and Stevie Burke had limit catches of 4 fish, others struggled but all caught some fish. It was a day when if you found fish you caught fish - some very quickly in the case of George Leishman who had his 4 by 9.30 at the dam wall and spent the rest of the day on catch and release. Stevie Burke had success at the opposite end of the loch at the burn mouth area and also returned additional fish. Overall the nine anglers weighed in 23 fish for 48lbs 4oz. Stevie was the top rod with 4 for 10lbs 2oz. Successful tactics were mixed but ghost tip lines with boobys and blobs were favoured and buzzers worked at the burn mouth area.
5th August - Black Loch
Eight anglers fished this outing to Black Loch and had to cope with variable weather conditions - descrbed as "alternately sunny, warm, heavy rain, flat calm, strong wind, cold... and that was only the first hour!" Only 19 fish were landed for 41lb, with George Bell leading with 5 fish for 11lb 5oz. George Learmonth was the only other angler to return a 5 fish limit, though Stevie Burke (4 fish) unfortunately had a day of long distance catch and release. Candy boobys, crunchers and dry sedges were the best flies.

wgibson 15th July- Black Loch
Pleased to report that the top rod for this outing was Willie Gibson with 5 for 10lbs 10oz, the only member to weigh in a limit bag. Overall the 9 anglers weighed in 24 fish for 52lb 7oz on a day described as hard going, wet (very) and windy. Boobys, black crunchers and sedgehogs on floaters proved successful and the high bank area was best, though fish were taken all over the loch.
8th July- Lake of Menteith
The wind was light to begin with but picked up about 10.30. The afternoon was sunny. The 10 anglers landed 19 fish for 52lbs 4oz. Most fish were caught in cages bay. Rab Thomson, Gordon Sneddon and Tom Graham had limit catches of 4 fish. The weigh in produced the surprise result of a tie for top rod with Rab and Gordon returning equal weights of 11lbs 12oz. Rab also had the heaviest fish at 4lbs 6oz. Ghost tip lines with boobies, floaters with buzzers and pink snakes (?) were successful tactics.

24th June - Black Loch
The outing was cancelled due to stong wind - gusting to full gale.

fish 16th June - Lake of Menteith
The evening session yielded 15 fish for the 8 anglers attending. Only 2 anglers weighed in limit bags of 4 fish - Stevie Burke and George Bell - with the latter having the heaviest bag of 10lbs 6oz. It was very windy at the start but eased later and was a mild evening. Fish were moving on surface but proved reluctant to take. Heaviest fish landed were 5lbs 6oz (George Learmonth) and 4lbs 8oz (Tom Graham). Best area was where the burn flows in to cages bay and tactics included boobies on ghost tip lines and (reportedly) a pink snake on a floater!
10th June - Glensherup
A day of mixed weather - very wet till about 2.30 with light east wind, then it was sunny and the wind picked up, ending strong from the west. A day of mixed fortune too for the 10 anglers with a total of 27 fish for 59lbs 4oz. Some found it easy, others struggled... Tom Graham was top rod with 4 for 10lbs 10oz. Best area was at the west end where the burn enters. Different tactics were successful, even dries taking some fish, but a DI3 pulling a blob was overall the best. The osprey probably had the heaviest fish!
13th May - Carron Valley Reservoir
A wet, cloudy calm start to the day. Rain persisted and the wind picked up through the day and was strong by the close. The 10 anglers weighed in 30 fish for 38 lbs (a mixture of browns and rainbows). Several anglers returned fish. Top rod was Robert Thomson with 4 for 9lb 6oz including the heaviest fish - a 5lb 2oz rainbow.

28th May - Black Loch
Fair weather greeted the 9 anglers who fished this outing. However the fishing did not match the conditions and Black Loch yielded only 16 trout for 35lbs 8oz. Top rod honours were shared by Rab Thomson and Gregor Bulloch, each with 4 fish for 8lbs 7oz, leaving the remaining 7 to weigh in 8 fish. Boobys and dries did the business, with the high bank and drifts through the middle yielding fish.
6th May - Linlithgow Loch
A day of bright sun with a strong east wind. 
Best rod was George Learmonth with 5 fish for 13lbs 4oz, one of  four anglers to return a limit catch. Total for the 8 fishing was 25 fish for 65 lbs.8oz.  The best areas were hatchery bay and swing park bay. Fish were hard to find in the morning but proved easier in the afternoon with the best tactic being brown buzzers on floating lines in the swing park area. A few fish responded to fabs in hatchery bay
menteith 15th April - Lake of Menteith:
The weather was cold, wet and windy!  In spite of this all 10 anglers caught fish, with George Bell emerging as top rod with 4 fish for 9lbs 12oz. Several good fish of over 3 lbs were caught. Total was 30 fish for 66lbs. Best area was around 200 yds out from the Butts.
gordscott 1st April - Linlithgow Loch
Most struggled on this outing, though all caught fish, catches of 2 or 3 were the norm. Gregor Bulloch however beat the trend, with 5 for 13lbs 4oz (and 2 returned). A yellow dancer booby was mentioned! Total catch for 10 anglers was 28 for 89lbs. Weather was cold with an increasingly strong wind from west, sunny in afternoon. Best area was the north shore.
lin1  18th March - Linlithgow Loch
First outing of our season. The weather was fair, with light winds and sunny periods. This was a successful day for the 12 fishing with only 2 anglers failing to return a limit catch. 52 fish were landed with a total weight of 140lbs. Steven Burke was top rod with 5 for 14lbs 8oz. Best area was along the tree line on west shore of Town Bay.

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