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If you have never tied a fly before - this programme is for you....
If you have tried to learn to tie flies e.g. from books or magazines but want hands-on help or guidance - this programme is for you....
The programe starts with an introduction to the tools and materials used in fly tying (or dressing). Then we begin with simple flies, involving only a few materials and each week gradually introduce additional features. By the end of this step by step process you should be familiar with the methods required to tie a range of flies, including nymphs, wet flies, dry flies and lures, all capable of attracting trout. Advice on how to fish specific flies is also given.
All tools and materials are supplied for this programme.

If you have successfully progressed through the Table 1 progamme, this is for you....
If you join the club with experience of fly tying and want to try new flies, see new ideas and methods in congenial company, this programme is for you..
The programme for this table is still under consideration, but it is planned to have an "open" structure, with members participating by trying new patterns, developing their own patterns etc. Members joining the table will be given advice and demonstrations of tying techniques.
Members supply their own tools and materials at this table