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Since the formation of the club 1985 we have offered two fly tying classes. The first was designed for novices, the second for those with more experience. The beginners' program started with an introduction to tools and materials, and then progressed from simple flies involving only a few materials,  to a gradual intoduction of different materials and methods so that most common methods and patterns are covered. The flies are shown in the  tying table 1  page. The second programme involved a series of more complex flies, changing each year, aiming to introduce new
materials, patterns and methods. Some samples are displayed in the 
tying table 2 page. Both progammes relied on demonstration and advice from experienced members, most of whom are still active members.

Unfortunately - due to a decline in member numbers - this year (2019) we were forced to take the decision to abandon these "formal" classes.
A hard core of members still meet each week and tie their own patterns.